4 Facts About High-Efficiency Washers
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4 Facts About High-Efficiency Washers

Is it time to replace the washer and dryer? There’s many choices and we think you should consider a high-efficiency washer. Let the savings begin!!

Older washing machines can use over 25 gallons of more water per load than some of the new washers. If you do 2 loads of laundry per week (let’s face it the average american does more than 2) that’s almost 3,000 gallons of water being wasted per year!!! High-efficiency washers are changing that and saving you money. Here are 4 Facts about High-Efficiency Washers.

Up to 50% less water

High-efficiency washers can use up to 50% less water than your current washer. This means less water for your water heater to heat up, less water wasted down the drain, and less water being pulled into the home.

Correct detergent

With a high-efficiency washer you will be using less water, this means you cannot have the same amount of suds as you would with a regular washer. With less water, you need to buy HE rated detergents and rinse out of clothing easier. Simply look for the HE symbol on your box or bottle.

They can be top-loading or front-loading

Many people believe that top-loading machines are not high-efficiency. Top-loading machines look like the standard washing machine, but use a different washing action to get clothing clean. Front loading models wash clothes by lifting the clothes and dropping them back into the water instead of using an agitator. Both top-loading and front-loading washers spin faster so the clothes require less time in the dryer.

Larger capacities

High efficiency washing machines generally have a larger capacity than older traditional washers. This allows you to do less loads per year. This also benefits the environment as you end up using less detergents.


We hope these 4 Facts about High-Efficiency Washers help you make a decision about replacing your washer and/or dryer. Do your research and look online for reviews when selecting your washer. We think you’ll be happy you replaced your washer!

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