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What 5-year-olds think of Fatherhood

What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds


Today’s dads work hard, play hard, and spend the rest of their time kissing booboos, telling stories, looking for lost toys and snuggling. It’s tough, but rewarding work that requires dedication, patience, and an abundance of love. But what does fatherhood look like to our children? We asked some kids around the age of five to tell us what it means to be a daddy, how their daddies got the job in the first place, and what the job entails. Here’s how they see things:

 What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

Photo Courtesy of Lucy Boyd

Maggie’s Daddy: Fueled by lettuce and lemonade, his superpower is playing. Oh, and she really likes him.

Maggie, age four, granted her mother this extensive interview on the subject of fatherhood:

Why is your dad great? “Cuz I like him. I really like playing with him.”
What does the word “dad” mean? “It means that you really like your dad.”
How did Daddy get the job of being dad? “Cuz he’s Dad. Cuz he was little, and then growed, and then his name was Dad.”
Is it hard to be a dad? “Nah.”
What’s Daddy’s favorite tv show? “Grown up games.”
Where does Daddy go? “Go to work!”
How tall is Daddy? “He’s like, this tall (2′ high). How many tall are you, Dad?”
What is Daddy’s favorite food? “Lettuce.”
What’s Daddy’s favorite drink? “Lemonade.”
For fun, Daddy likes to… “watch TV.”
I love it when my daddy…”cooperates!”
Is it fun to be a dad? “Yeah! Now can we talk about an obstacle course that has a heart merry-go-round?  Do fairs have merry-go-rounds, Mom?  What’s a merry-go-round?”



156802735 What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

Photo Credit

Tara’s Daddy: Wrapped around her precious little finger, maybe?

Tara once informed her mom that “Mommies make all the rules.”
Dad overheard her, and called out from the other room, “Daddies make some rules, too.”
Tara’s answer to that: “Daddy’s silly.”
How did Tara’s father get the job? “Daddy got his Daddy job because he grew so big.”




 What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

Arjav’s Daddy: Works hard, but makes time for his son“My dad is great because he gives me whatever I like and shows me movies.”
What does it mean to be a dad? “[Being] the dad means listening to your son and teaching your son lessons and the right thing to do. He makes me be brave and strong when he is away so that I become man of the house. That’s all dad is about.”
How did Arjav’s father get the job? “Dad worked really hard and ate his food and slept by his own to become a dad. Mom can’t be a dad because she doesn’t have hair like Daddy and don’t talk like Daddy.”
Is being a dad hard? Is it fun? “It’s hard to be a dad because you have responsibilities. It’s fun to be a dad except for going to work to your boss. Working is really hard. Dad has to say NO to his boss so that he can spend time with me.”



 What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

Photo Courtesy of Holly Parker

Erin’s Daddy: She’d rather not talk about this very much right now

Why is your dad great? “I have fun with him.”
What does the word “dad” mean? “It’s a boy grown up.”
How did dad get the job of being a dad? “I don’t know.”
Is it hard to be a dad? “Yes.”
Why? What’s hard about it? “I don’t know.”
Is it fun to be a dad? “Yes. He plays with me with my toys.”
Anything else you want to tell me about your dad? “No.”




 What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year OldsRudy’s Daddy: Rudy REALLY wasn’t in the mood to discuss fatherhood at this time.

Rudy would only answer one question: Is it hard to be a dad? “Easy, because all you have to do is babysit.”







Ember’s Daddy: Grew up and now he plays the kid banjo! What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds


Why is your dad great? “Because he helps me.”
What does the word “dad” mean? “I don’t know… father?”
How did dad get the job of being a dad? “He grew up!”
Is it hard to be a dad? “Yeah, because he works.”
Is it fun to be a dad? “I think, yes, because you can have fun together!”

“Dads work and on weekends play with the kids. It’s funny when my dad plays the ‘kid banjo’ and tickles me.”

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Homemade Father’s Day 2014

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make

From June 3, 2013 6:00 AM

Whether you consider yourself a craft goddess or you need a little professional help, you can lead your child in making a great present for his dad for Father’s Day. The gift your child makes by himself will always be the one dad will treasure the most. Even if it is just a simple card, the time a child takes to make his father a present is the real gift. Check out the options below for some fun ideas, and if you need a little help, you can always head to your local craft store for an interactive workshop.

Fingerprint Mug1269274921 Homemade Fathers Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make
Ages: 0-5

  • Mug
  • Ceramic  paint

Everyone has a store nearby that can let your kids make personalize coffee mugs, but one thing you may not have considered is incorporating your child’s fingerprints into the design. One cute idea is to use your child’s thumbprint alongside his father’s as the bodies of father and child figures – just add arms and legs and you’re good to go! If your tot is really tiny, help him to write a cheery message for his dad on the mug, or if he is a little older, he can use his own creativity to create something special. Either way, you know his dad will treasure it every time he has his morning cup.


No. 1 Dad Labels999133321 Homemade Fathers Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make

 Ages: 3+ (with adult supervision)

  • Decals downloaded or created online
  • Sticker printer paper

Most dads have some special treat like fudge, trail mix, or a spicy bbq sauce that they prefer not to share with the rest of the family. You can make him his own labels for these products, using phrases like “World’s Best Dad” or “No. 1 Dad” with sticker paper from a craft store and markers, or you can find a graphic online (Martha Stewart’s website has some) and print the labels directly onto the paper. He can use these tags to make sure that everyone knows which snacks are his!

Gold Trophy1563250251 Homemade Fathers Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make

 Ages: 8+

  • 2 Foam cups
  • A small box
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Gold paint
  • Construction paper


If your dad is really the best, you might want to make him this gold trophy! Using foam cups, a cardboard cereal box, some gold pipe cleaners, and some gold paint, you can make a creation that will really let him know you think he is the greatest dad around. It’s not likely to hold up to a lot of abuse, but he will probably keep it in a place of honor for years to come. View the full instructions here.


Father’s Day Throne875836691 Homemade Fathers Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make

 Ages 10+

  • Lawn, lounge or patio chair
  • Butterfly clamps
  • A few of Dad’s favorite things

By June, the weather is usually ideal for relaxing on the outdoor deck or in the backyard while listening to your favorite music, reading a good book and sipping on cold beverages. All dads need a “lounge day,” so what better time to give him one than now? Make his day of relaxation special by creating a “Father’s Day Throne” using a comfy, reclining lawn chair or a patio chair and makeshift ottoman so dad can put his feet up. Use clamps to attach an umbrella for shade and water bottle mister to keep dad cool. Fill up a cooler with ice and his favorite drinks and snacks and leave his favorite books or magazines on a makeshift side table. Older kids can make dad his favorite lunch to be enjoyed while lounging on his new Father’s Day throne.

Keely Herrick is a freelance writer. 

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Father’s Day Guide 2014



Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Top Activities To Do With Dad In Denver

Forget another boring brunch for Father’s Day and try something that will be a lot more fun for the whole family. Take a look at the great activities to do with your dad in Denver.


Photo Credit Thinkstock

Best Books For Dad This Father’s Day

Need a good gift idea for Dad this Father’s Day? Our friends at Simon & Schuster put together this great list covering everything your Dad will love.



Father's Day

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts Kids Of All Ages Can Make

Whether you consider yourself a craft goddess or you need a littleprofessional help, you can lead your child in making a great present for his dad for Father’s Day.

Kids talk Father's Day

What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

How did your daddy get the job of “Father?” Is it a hard job, or a fun one? Find out what fatherhood looks like through a child’s eyes.




2014-Car-Show-the strange team alan strangeFather’s Day 5K & Car Show

Details on the Annual event at APEX Center.





25 gifts for dad the strange team alan strangeTop 25 Gifts for Dad, by Dad

What does he really want? put this list together so you know it can be trusted!



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Father’s Day Books 2014

Top 6 for Dads from Barnes & Noble


  1. Ghost Ship 
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Top 25 Gifts for Dad

Top 25 Father’s Day Gifts

The Father’s Day Gifts That Will Knock His Socks Off

AskMen Editors

Buying gifts can be incredibly hard, and, sure, it’s always simple to take the easy way out with a tie or coffee mug, but why not do something really special for the old man this year? We’ve put together this handy guide ofgreat Father’s Day gifts that includes the perfect gift ideas for every type of dad, from the avid outdoorsman to the obsessed film aficionado.

We’re sure your dad will be appreciative of whatever you get for him on Father’s Day, and while a heartfelt card and hug are nice, they probably can’t compare to a cutting-edge tablet.

Timex Expedition Chronograph

For the Classic Dad
Simple, yet sturdy, this stainless steel number from Timex is a great everyday watch with its black and white dial and silver link strap.
Starting at $56.50 at

Carnivore Cookbook

For the Classic Dad
Great for the dad who likes to cook both simple and elaborate meat-based meals, Michael Symon’s cookbook is an offer featuring 120 recipes for carnivores. The book is a great blend of traditional dishes, like pork pie and smoked lamb ribs, with a touch of contemporary.
$20.34 at Walmart

Amazon Fire TV

For the Tech Dad
If your dad likes watching what he wants, when he wants, Amazon Fire TV will let him do just that. This small, easy, and well-designed set-top box is a great way for him to stream everything from the latest blockbuster to his favorite TV series and games. It’s also an Android-friendly device so he can access the system from his smartphone.
$99.00 at Amazon

Ursa Shaving Cream

For the Dapper Dad
Great for softening the coarsest beard hairs, this all-natural “stellar” shave cream from Ursa Major will keep your dad’s skin safely lathered during grooming sessions, and leave it nourished with its blend of essential oils (organic Grand Fir, vetiver, aloe, and ginger). Perfect for the hands-on dad, this non-foaming cream is meant to be applied without a brush.
$24.00 at Amazon

Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver

For the Classic Dad
He might have taught you how to shave, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give him a tool to perfect the job now. For a quick yet precise shave, and easy clean-up, Panasonic has some fine electric razors that are good for dad. Plus, they’re equipped with waterproof technology for use in wet or dry conditions.
Starting at $49.79 at



For the Handy Dad
Love of beer is practically synonymous with dads, and now there is a way to ensure that his lager or IPA is perfectly chilled every time. Designed like an icicle, or a “corksicle,” the Chillsner fits into a bottle’s neck so that his drink cool off almost instantly, down to the last drop.
$20.55 at Amazon



For the Dapper Dad
Made from Lenzing modal (a fabric known for being super soft and ecological), it’s no surprise that MeUndies have been dubbed the “world’s most comfortable” underwear. Beyond comfort, this line of premium undies comes in a variety of colors and prints that will keep dad feeling funky and fresh, day in and day out. Plus, using the code FDAM25 at checkout gets you an additional 25% off your first purchase.
$16.00 at

Hershel Weekender Bag

For the Dapper Dad
From one of the top bag-makers, the Herschel Weekender is a good pick for the dad that likes to spend weekends out of town. It’s built big enough to fit an overnight change of clothes, the essentials, and extra pair of shoes in the underneath storage pocket, and it’s small enough to be used day-to-day.
$79.99 at



For the Tech Dad
The Basis activity tracker combines advanced technology and wear-worthy esthetic, but let’s focus on what makes this piece of wearable tech different from the others we’ve seen before. The band is riddled with sensors that capture heart rate, motion, activity trends, sleep patterns, as well as perspiration and skin temperature. But beyond regurgitating information, Basis analyzes tendencies and habits to suggest ways of optimizing daily potential — truly great for the active dad.
$199.00 at

Target Gift Card

For the Classic Dad
If you’re not quite sure what to get your dad this Father’s Day — or he’s really picky — save yourself a potential headache and get him a Target GiftCard. He can turn any physical or digital card he receives into a Target Mobile GiftCard just by storing the barcode into his account and presenting it when he makes a purchase. He can even merge or share all the cards he receives from others just by logging into the website or using the app. With a $1,000 limit ($200 on an e or mobile card), he can get exactly what he wants minus all the fuss.
Starting at $5.00 at Target


Bespoke Post

For the Dapper Dad
A subscription service geared towards enhancing the day-to-day lifestyle basics of every man, Bespoke Post is the perfect gift for the dapper dad. The New York-based company will hook him up with a freshly curated box of goods every month, with themes ranging from home-distillery and grill-mastering, to the best swagger-inducing socks.
Membership is $45 per month, shipping included, or $55 per box.
Check out Bespoke Post


Bill’s Khakis Plaid Shirt

For the Classic Dad
Summer calls for a shirt that’s both office-casual and weekend-friendly. This 100% cotton broadcloth button-up from Bill’s Khakis meets this requirement with flying colors — literally, we like the raspberry and blue pairing here. Plus, until June 15, you can receive 20% off any purchase at Bill’s Khakis by using the coupon code ASKMEN20.
Check out


SWIMS Lace-Up Loafers

For the Sophisticated Dad
Crocs are a staple of the everyday dad – and why not? Dad works hard. “When you get to be my age, you’ll want cushy, multi-colored pieces of plastic on your feet too,” he once told you. Well that may be, but help him out a little in the style department with Swims Lace Up Loafers – all the comfort of Crocs, 2000 times the style.
$159.00 at The Bay


For the Tech Dad
This BBQ companion is the answer to precision grilling. The iGrill works with bluetooth so that dad can monitor the internal temperature of his favorite cuts from his phone. Now, he’s guaranteed to have the exact medium-rare steak he’s been craving.
$39.99 at


AMEX Gift Card

For the Classic Dad
Give Dad the gift of choice American Express® Gift Cards are a great way to celebrate Father’s Day on June 15. Dad can buy his favorite things virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted. No purchase fee with code FPDAD until 6/16/14.*
Starting at $25.00 at


Woolrich Vest

For the Classic Dad
This Woolrich vest is a cool compromise between neat and rugged with its quilted shell and slim cut. Plus, it’s season-appropriate for transitioning from city to camping.
$99.00 at


Boardwalk Empire Seasons 1-3 (Blu Ray)

For the Tech-Savvy Dad
Starring Steve Buscemi as a part-time politician, part-time gangster, and full-time ruler of 1920s Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire is crime and period drama set in the Prohibition era. It was created, written and produced by Terence Winter, who is also known for his contribution to The Sopranos, and Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s not exactly a new show, but with the new and final season coming soon, you can get dad caught up on a show that promises swag.
$66.87 at


Sagaforme Rocking Glasses

For the Sophisticated Dad
For those who enjoy a good sip of whiskey, scotch, or other malt-based liquor, true appreciation comes from sipping from the right glass. The Sagaform rocking glasses are a simple and elegant way to lend as much importance to style as he does to taste.
$23.99 at Amazon


GoPro Hero3+: Silver

For the Tech-Savvy Dad
If the Old Man acts like a young man when it comes to the outdoors, maybe a tiny extreme-sports camera that records HD video like a GoPro is up his alley. It clips easily to helmets and other surfaces and works underwater. Frame rates, light balances and other options can be controlled from the accompanying app.
$299.00 at Amazon

James Scott Crystal Decanter

For the Sophisticated Dad
Handcrafted using traditional methods of glass blowing and cutting, this Irish-cut decanter is perfect for the sophisticated dad. It’s made of lead crystal so that it’s heavy in the hands and brilliant to see. If you want to go the extra mile, add a generous drop of his favorite whiskey and set the decanter on his study table.
$26.99 at Amazon


Monarch’s Playing Cards

For the Classic Dad
Because playing cards is a classic kind of fun — especially when they look this good. Fit for royalty, this deep red and gold embossed deck even comes in a silk-finished tuck case.
$9.45 at Amazon


Club W

For the Classic Dad
Great for wine enthusiasts of all kinds, Club W is the best way to get acquainted with cool quality wines. Based on a palate profile test completed at sign-up, the Club makes personal recommendations that are then home-delivered for tasting. Curated by unpretentious representatives, the subscription service is meant to get people excited about discovering new tastes and developing a repertoire of favorites.
Starting at $50.00 at Club W


Grid-it Organizer

For the Tech-Savvy Dad
With our list of travel essentials getting longer and longer, it’s becoming trickier to neatly pack everything without leaving anything behind. Grid-it is an organizer that is meant to accompany a laptop case or travel bag, and provides its own pocket for internal storage. Now, he won’t forget his keys, phone, or USB cable when he leaves home in a hurry.
$12.75 at Amazon


Leather Bracelet

For the Dapper Dad
With its dark leather braiding and stainless silver clasp, this bracelet is a great combination of masculine and sophisticated. This small accessory is a watch companion (or alternative) that will suit his work attire as much as it will complement his weekend get-up.
$15.95 at


Corgi Socks

For the Dapper Dad
Because there’s nothing like putting on a fresh pair of socks to start a fresh day. These blue ribbed cotton-blend socks were made in Wales, UK, and will a touch of sophistication to even his most ordinary outfits.
$18.00 at

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Father’s Day Activities 2014

Top Activities To Do With Dad In Denver


With all the hoopla and craziness surrounding Mother’s Day, it seems that fathers often get a bit left out. Make Father’s Day much more than just another brunch and a few lousy gifts. Instead, create a day to remember for the whole family and go out to enjoy the day together. Whether your father loves baseball or golf, or if he is more into music or science there is something for every dad and every family. Think outside the brunch-box and try one of these great activities for you and your Pop on Father’s Day.


Slammers Baseball & Softball
1878 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80232
(303) 988-7426

Nothing says “I love you dad” like a hard baseball flying at your face at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. Take your pop to the batting cages and enjoy a day together. Slammers Baseball has five automatic hitting stations with set speeds from 35 to 70 miles per hour for baseball. It also has two softball stations set at 40 and 60 miles per hour, plus one slow pitch station. This is a very affordable and fun way to spend some time with your pop, enjoy some sports activities and get some practice on that swing.


Kennedy Golf Course
10500 E. Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO 80014
(720) 865-0720

Kennedy is one of the busier and more well-known golf courses in town with several courses to enjoy. The courses are long and the greens give you a good challenge, plus there are plenty of water hazards to keep you on your toes along the way. If you are beginners, then try the nine-hole par three course that requires no advance reservation to play. Or, if regular golf isn’t your thing, Kennedy also has a fun putt-putt course as well. Or just grab a bucket of balls and hit the driving range to practice your swings together. Once you have had enough, head over to the club to enjoy a nice lunch and a couple of beers. For any golf fan, there is plenty to do at Kennedy Golf course, so grab your clubs and bring your pop on down.


Dinosaur Ridge
16831 W. Alameda Parkway
Morrison, CO 80465
(303) 697-3466

Spend the day with Dad exploring actual dinosaur fossils and learning about the amazing animals that once roamed Dinosaur Ridge. This is a true treasure in Colorado and it is a great place to spend some time with dad, enjoying the great Colorado weather and a bit of exercise along the way. There is a 1.5-mile long trail that has hundreds of actual dinosaur tracks, a dinosaur bone quarry and plenty of really interesting geologic features. Or check out the Triceratops Trail for another 1.5-mile long trail with tracks that are roughly 68 millions years old and have footprints of four different dinosaurs (believed to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Edmontosaurus and two Triceratops.)


City Park Jazz
17th Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80238
(303) 744-1004

If your father is a fan of jazz music, then this is a true treat for the whole family. Every Sunday night through August, the City Park Jazz Concert Series will rock City Park. The park pavilion jumps to life at 6 p.m. and attracts all the major local jazz talent. On Father’s Day, check out a tribute to local legend Neil Bridge. There are always great food trucks nearby or you are welcome to bring your own picnic food. Though, be mindful that glass bottles are not permitted in the park. These concerts happen rain or shine, so be sure to grab your father and head down to City Park for some great local music.

Father’s Day 5k and Car Show
Apex Center
13150 W. 72nd Ave.
Arvada, CO 80005
(303) 424-2739

Date: Sunday, June 15, 2014

If fitness is your thing, then check out the annual Father’s Day 5k and Fun Run at the Apex Center. This 5k and fun run will benefit community recreation and features a beautiful 5k course that winds through the tree-lined streets of the area. Make sure to grab your best ugly tie for the ugly tie contest and stick around for the annual Father’s Day Car Show to check out all the great classic cars, music and refreshments. This full day of entertainment benefits Apex Park and Recreation bringing lots of great community recreation to the area. Plus, it’s just a great way to spend some time with dad on a lovely summer day in Colorado.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at


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