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Amazon in Thornton – Hiring – 1500 Jobs

Amazon is expanding, this time, into Thornton CO! With this expansion comes 1,500 job openings. The new fulfilment center will be on I-25 and 144th. The city of Thornton welcomes this project and feels that the city was chosen because of its location and Thornton’s workforce.

This new facility will do great things for the local economy, but will also help speed up the process for Amazon’s customers.  This location will primarily focus on smaller item such as books. The City of Thornton says that the goal is to fulfill 1 million packages a day out of this facility.  That should make the amazon experience even better.


Most importantly, is how 1,500 people’s lives can change due to new employment opportunities in Thornton. Thornton is growing every day. A huge employer like this will help boost the economy.

The fulfilment center currently anticipates an August 2018 opening date.

Are you are thinking about applying for a job with Amazon? The Strange Team recommends checking out these great listings around the new fulfillment center.

Homes for Sale near new Amazon fulfillment center
Under $250,000
Between $250,000 – $450,000
Over $450,000

We are here to help you shorten your commute, move to CO from out of state, or to simply get out of renting! Call us today 720-295-4350

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Why Move to Westminster, CO – 10 Reasons

Why would anyone ever move to Westminster, CO? Here are 10 great reasons you should consider moving there.

This city is a fantastic suburb northwest of Denver, CO.  With it being only 9 miles away from Denver, you get the convenience of having a city only a few minutes away, but you still get to enjoy mountain views and no traffic. We have taken it upon ourselves to explore Westminster and decide the top 10 reasons we think you should move to Westminster, CO.

1. Westminster Castle Also called the Big Red Castle or the PIllar Fire, this castle is located in Westminster and is something you must see! It’s a historic landmark located at 82nd Ave & Lowell Blvd.

The Westminster Castle of Westminster CO

2. Trails, Trails … and More Trails – There is an absolutely amazing trail system in Westminster. There are miles of paved trails that can take you from park to park. You will not run out of walking places here!

3. Westy Fest – Every year there is this fun event called Westy Fest that takes place in Westminster. It offers food, fun, and entertainment and usually takes place in August.

4. Farmers Market – If you love fresh produce, Westminster has an amazing farmers market. The market takes place Saturdays 10 – 1pm on 72nd and Sheridan. You can get your fill of fresh produce and fresh bakes breads!

5. Golf Courses – There are plenty of gold courses scattered throughout Westminster. These courses offer breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

6. Did Someone Say Beer? – If you are looking for amazing breweries, look no further! There are lots of local events where you can meet local brew-masters. Colorado is known for its brewery scene. Westminster’s breweries will not disappoint you!

7. Historic Westminster Jazz & Arts Festival – This large event is held in Historic Westminster and it’s a big one. The event has lots of food, fun, and over 100 vendors for you to see.

8. Butterflies! – The Butterfly Pavilion is located in Westminster. This is a great place to go see beautiful butterflies from all over. You get to walk through a large butterfly room and you can even meet a tarantula.

Blue butterfly on a leaf

9. Your Dog Will Love It Too – This place , along with most of Denver, is extremely dog friendly. You can bring your dog to most breweries and many establishments with patios allow dogs. There is a huge off leash dog park at 104th and Simms that your pooch will enjoy

10. The People – Last but certainly not least we would like to point out how amazing the people of Westminster are. Many times people will open doors for you, help you pick up dropped items, and genuinely be nice to you.


We suggest moving to Westminster, CO if you are tired of wherever you currently call home. You won’t be disappointed or bored!

 $200,000 – $400,000
 $400,000 – $600,000
 $600,000 + 

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Unpacking Tips

You just got your dream house. It’s full of your boxes… now what?

Moving into a new home can be very exciting however, the thought of unpacking can be overwhelming and stressful. We are here to give you a few tips on how to make the moving process easier and less stressful.

First of all, don’t rush into unpacking. Take your time and come up with a system.

Clean – We recommend that you clean the home first. It’s much easier to clean the home before you unpack your items. Wipe down empty shelves, clean floors, and make your home move in ready. Once your home is clean you can start unpacking your belongings. We also recommend wiping down any of your dusty items so you are putting out clean items in your new clean home.

Inspect – This is especially important if you used a moving company. Before you start digging in and unboxing, check all of your boxes for damage and report immediately. If you used a moving company, we recommend keeping an inventory of all the boxes so you can make sure they all arrived at your new home.Two people sitting around a stack of 2 boxes

Organize the Boxes – We recommend going through all the boxes and putting them in the correct room, where most of their contents will be emptied into. By doing this you can tackle your house room by room with less running around.

Essentials – Locate and unpack your box of essentials. It’s a good idea to label your boxes when originally packing them. Your essentials box should contain toiletries, medicines, basic kitchenware, and other important items that you would need right away.

Kitchen full of cardboard boxes

Unpack Large Items – We recommend unpacking and organizing your large items first. Organize your furniture and then unpack the smaller boxes. You can also get an interior designer to help you with furniture placement if you choose.

Have an unpacking party – If unpacking just isn’t your thing, invite a few friends and have a party. Provide food and beverages and have your friends unpack with you. Rule of thumb – do not get upset if things are no unpacked perfectly. After the party you may have some organizing to do, but at least everything will be unpacked.

Have more tips? Please post them in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!


How much is my home worth?


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Spring Lawn Prep Tips

Summer is right around the corner and it’s important that you take the time now to get your yard ready. By taking these steps in the spring, you will have a much nicer yard come summer. Having that beautiful yard full of lush green grass is possible and doesn’t require a whole ton of work if you start early.



Weeds can be a huge hassle and make a yard look neglected. We recommend taking care of weeds as soon as you see them. Early spring, you may see a few weeds pop up here and there. We recommend weeding early so they don’t have a chance to spread throughout the entire yard. Lay new sod in areas that don’t have grass growing so weeds don’t claim that spot as their own. Lastly, make sure you are mowing frequently to keep weeds down.


Before you start doing anything else with your yard, we recommend reseeding with a high quality seed. This will help the grass grow thicker and fill in any spots where the grass may not be growing. Look through all the grass options and make sure you find one that is most appropriate for your area. Different grasses are harder to keep than others. Just make sure you water frequently at first.

Consider a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system can be expensive, but can save you lots of time and ruined grass in the end. Many people forget to move the hose and result in dead spots on the yard from the hose laying out too long. Many times without a sprinkler it is easy to forget to move or remove the hose resulting in over-watering. Installing a sprinkler system will guarantee that the entire yard gets watered and that it gets watered the correct amount. Most sprinkler systems come with timers on them.

Love your Lawnmower


Your lawnmower requires a little TLC at the beginning of each year. We recommend routine maintenance. Replace your mowers oil and gas and make sure you are using the recommended types. Replace your spark plugs and air filters this time of year as well. Last, but not least, check your blades. Make sure the blades are sharp so they are cutting through the grass with ease. Frequent maintenance and cleaning of your mower will result in a long-lasting mower that leaves behind stunning grass!


We hope these tips will help you with your lawn this year! We’d love to see some pics!

Don’t have a yard!?!? TIME TO BUY ONE NOW!



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Red Day 2017 – Food Drive

What The Strange Team Does

Every year The Strange Team and the entire Keller Williams Preferred office joins efforts and organizes a huge food drive. We are not talking one small truck full of food, we are talking 10,000 pounds of food. The office filled an entire box truck. From front to back and after weighing in found out the total for 2017 was 10,000 pounds!

Same as last year, the team decided to focus their collection efforts in the Cherrywood Park neighborhood. The first thing they did was the  week before the drive the entire team went door to door and hung up door hangers along with a red bag for people to fill up. In addition the team called the neighborhood telling them about the food drive and celebration. Alan, Nick, Kathy, Doug, Maggie, and Mary spent the whole first week of May rallying everyone to participate in the food drive. 

Finally on May 11th, The Strange Team loaded up into a truck and drove around the Cherrywood Park neighborhood collecting the red bags for almost three hours.  They had over 35 families donate food and many families left more than one bag.  The generosity of all the neighbors is greatly appreciated.


After all the hard work and collecting, the team enjoyed a nice BBQ outside the office. They had a few friends, past clients, and vendors stop by and say hello. Seems like everyone who attended had a great time and can’t wait for next year.

Check out our Facbook page for more photos!

What is Red Day?

A huge reason many agents choose  and love Keller Williams is Red Day! Every year on the second Thursday in May all the offices in the world take a break and go volunteer and give back in their communities. Red Day stands for Renew, Energize, and Donate. Mo Anderson is the Vice Chairman of Keller Williams and Red Day was founded to honor her birthday.




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Farmers Markets in the North Denver Area

Farmers Markets in the North Denver area are about to start for 2017. We want to make sure that you know exactly where to go to get your fresh fruits and vegetables this year!

Farmers Markets are a great way to meet your neighbors and get some healthy produce while supporting your local economy. Here is our list for the North Denver area:


W. 57th & Olde Wadsworth Blvd
Sundays, June – Oct (9am – 1pm)


1700 W. 10th Ave
Tuesdays, June 14-Sept 27 (4pm – 7pm)

7901 W. 120th Ave
2nd & 4th Saturdays, year-round (9am – 11am)


10th & Illinois
Saturdays, June 4 – Oct 1 (8am – 1pm)


9077 W. Alameda Ave
Saturdays, June 17 – Oct 28th (10am – 2pm)


824 Front St
Saturdays, May 20 – Oct 28th (8am – 1pm)


72nd & Sheridan
Saturdays, Jun – Oct (9:30am – 1:30pm)

Wheat Ridge

8235 W 44th Ave
Thursdays, Jul 6 – Sep 28 (10am – 2pm)

7043 W 38th Ave
Tuesday – Friday, year-round (12-6pm)
Saturdays, year-round (9-3pm)
Sundays, year-round (10 – 2pm)

When attending farmers markets, we recommend bringing a reusable tote for your produce, a hat and sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, and cash. Many vendors will accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to bring cash for the extra stuff. Many farmers markets are great to bring your kids to. Sometimes you will find face painters, balloon artists, or other fun activities; so keep your eyes open!


The Strange Team wishes you a fun summer. If you find yourself looking for a home or thinking about selling a home, please call us.


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