Denver Fun Facts – 5 Fun Facts About Denver, CO 
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Denver Fun Facts – 5 Fun Facts About Denver, CO 

Denver Fun Facts – 5 Fun Facts About Denver, CO

Denver is a fantastic place to live probably because it gets over 300 days of sunshine per year and has some of the coolest attractions around! Here are 5 things about Denver you may have not known. Be prepared to be surprised by these Denver fun facts as there are so many reasons to live to Denver!


Denver’s First Permanent Structure

Believe it or not, Denver’s first permanent structure was not a hospital, school, government building or church. Unlike most cities who start out with the staples listed above, Denver’s first permanent Structure was a Saloon. There are lots of old Bars and Saloons around Denver for you to check out. These saloons opened as early as the 1890’s and are still around. Maybe you should check out the Buckhorn Exchange, The Cruise Room, or Nob Hill Inn if you are interested in bar hopping some of the oldest saloons/bars in town!

Are You Accidentally Breaking the Law?

First of all, we have to point out that Denver has a few crazy laws! Many of these laws are no longer enforced, however we still think it’s important to point them out. Did you know that in Denver it is illegal to lend your vacuum cleaner to your neighbor? However, you can lend it to a friend down the street, just not the next door neighbor.

Denver Loves Its Sports

Not every city can say it has its own baseball, hockey, football, AND basketball team! In fact, only 12 other cities have teams in all four major sports. To add to the mix, Denver has its own lacrosse team and soccer team! So in one city you can watch the Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rapids, Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Mammoth all play! If you love sports, this is the place to be since sports will keep you busy here all year-long!

Cityscape of Denver, CO


Colfax Ave Is Really Long

Colfax Avenue is the longest continuous street in America. It runs over 26 miles long. Colfax Ave starts in Golden CO ends out in Strasburg, CO.  Therefore the Colfax Marathon is an annual run that started thanks to this long road!  The Colfax Marathon is 26.2 miles and includes amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. Most noteworthy about the Colfax Marathon is that it’s a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.


Denver Loves Beer

Every year, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival. This festival is the brewing industry’s top beer tasting completion. People flock from all over the USA and try hundreds of different beers from all over the country.  Not only does Denver host the largest beer festival, it also happens to brew more beer than any other city in the nation. 150 different beers are brewed here daily! If you love microbrews, you will love the beer scene in Denver.


A glass of beer sitting on a napkin on a wooden table



There you have it, 5 Denver fun facts you hopefully did not know. Denver is a great place and it is growing like crazy, if you are considering a move to Denver give us a call!


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