Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

One thing we can all agree on is that we all would love to have a lower electric bill. There are many expensive steps you can take like installing solar or buying energy-efficient appliances. We wanted to share a few inexpensive tips with you!

Stop using hot water

No we don’t mean start taking cold showers, simply reduce the amount of hot water you are using.

Lower your water heater’s temperature – Heating water all day can cost you a lot of money. Many people don’t realize that by lowering the temperature on your water heater can save you a lot of money.

Run the dishwasher before bed and only if full – Run your dishwasher only once it is full. Also, run your dishwasher before bed, this way you are running it when it’s cooling down in your home so your A/C doesn’t have to make up as much for your cooling needs.

Buy cold water detergents – There are many brands of detergents out there that work great with cold water. It can save you lots of money by running shorter cycles and using cold water.

Heating & Cooling

Your A/C and furnace can be the most expensive things in your home to run, here are a few tips to lower those costs.

Open Windows – During the summer use thick drapes to block out heat from the sun. During the winter, open your blinds to allow the sun to warm the house.

Ceiling Fans – Buying and installing fans is not enough to save you money! Believe it or not, there is a correct way to use them. It’s important that during the summer your fans are running counter-clockwise to force the room air down giving you a cooler feeling. The fan should turn clockwise during the winter to gently draw room air up and push down the warm air.  

Buy a programmable thermostat – You don’t have to get the super fancy one that costs hundreds of dollars. You can get basic programmable thermostats for $20 that will still save you money!


Many appliances use power even when they are not running. If you get in the habit of unplugging appliances that are not being used, you can save lots of money. Get in the habit of turning everything completely off.

Install timer switches – Many lights and electronics can be on a timer switch so they are not constantly on. This also prevents you from forgetting to turn them off.

Use power strips – One thing that can save you money is to use power strips and turn them to the off position when you are done using the things plugged into them. This stops the attached appliances from pulling power even when they are not on.

So go ahead and try these great money-saving tips! We would love to hear how they affect your utility bill!


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