Check This Off Your Bucket List!
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Check This Off Your Bucket List!

Reaching New

Let’s Tackle a 14’er!!

On Sat June 30th We are Co-hosting
a 14er’ Hike on Torreys Peak!

Also hosting- David Murra with Fit
Soldiers & Bob Bridge with Horizon Chiropractic

Come and Join us for a fun and exhilarating time!

Check back or Email For More Information!

Thank you for joining us
on our upcoming hike to Grays and Torreys on Sat, June 30th 2012.  Below is some logistical information as well
as some helpful pointers supplied by REI.

Here is an abbreviated
list of recommended items to bring along:


□       Travel pack (30L sized pack rec.)

□       Fanny pack

□       Dry bag for wet clothes

□       Camera bags


□       A few articles of lightweight and easily washable
clothing for city wear

□       Quick drying pants/shorts

□       Long and short sleeved shirts

□       Sun hat with brim

Travel Gear

□       Heavy or mid-weight wool or synthetic socks

□       Waterproof/breathable jacket with hood

□       Bandana

□       Walking shoes

□       Lip balm

□       Water bottles

□       Camera with extra batteries

□       First aid kit

□       Sunglasses; sunscreen

□       Snacks

For more information on
the route and photos visit: It
is also recommended to purchase a CORSAR card for $3 and there is more
information is below via link.  We are
looking forward to it and please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions:
Alan 303.668.5208

** Please consult medical
advice before attempting a hike.  Hiking
is inherently dangerous and the participant accepts all liability for injury and

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