Home Shopping During Winter
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Home Shopping During Winter

Home shopping during winter is dreaded by all. No one enjoys walking around in the cold and wet weather. Keep in mind, that under all that snow there may be a hidden treasure! The good news: You can start your home search in the comfort of your warm and cozy house! It’s important that during the winter you really look at all the online photos and descriptions before going out to the property. Once you have narrowed down your list, call your agent, and follow these tips!

Use a Little Imagination

When viewing homes keep in mind that they are not at their best during the winter. The curb appeal might be down, it may be a little darker inside, and the carpets may not be as clean. The reality is that this is what to expect from the home once you own it. Discover the home’s flaws right off the bat and see what you are willing to live with. This is a great opportunity to scan the home for any drafty windows or cold rooms. Also, keep an eye out for things like space heaters. These can be signs of heaters that are not efficient or rooms that are not well insulated.

Double Up on Due Diligence

Really look through all the documents that come with the home. Ask the seller questions and have a really good inspector take a look at the house. Therefore winter is not a good time to cheap out on your inspector. If there is snow outside on the day of your inspection, make sure that the inspector goes out again to check the roof and other large items that cannot be looked at under snow. This may be a good time of year to ask for most recent utility bills since winters can get expensive. It’s also ok to ask the seller for photos of the home during the summer to see what beautiful attributes the home has to offer.

Get Winterization Documents

If anything on the home was winterized, make sure you get the documentation of that. If the sprinklers were blown out, or the pool was winterized find out who did the work and make sure it was actually done. It’s important that the home you are purchasing has all the winter maintenance taken care of as this will demonstrate the seller taking good care of the home.


If home shopping during the winter excites you and you are ready to get started, give us a call! We’d love to help you find your dream home!

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