Is it time to redo the bathroom? – 5 signs that point to yes!
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Is it time to redo the bathroom? – 5 signs that point to yes!

“Is it time to redo the bathroom?” is a question homeowners ask frequently. Bathrooms are an important part of a home as they provide a relaxing retreat at the end of the day. They should also be providing a comfortable place to get ready for the day.

Bathrooms that are overdue for a redo can also possess heath and safely issues. Leaking water can be the cause of mold. And old outdated outlets and fixtures can be a safety issue. Here are a few tips to deciding when it’s time.

1 – Leaks

Frequent water leaks are a great indicator that it’s time to redo the bathroom. Leaks are a huge problem as they can become a health hazard when they start to cause mold to grow. Sometimes a leak is an easy fix, but if your leaks are frequent it’s probably time for a redo.

2 – Smell

If your bathroom has a funky smell to it, it’s time for a redo. This can be due to mold (mentioned above) or lack of ventilation. Replacing your toilets seal can make a huge difference. Many times, you can add a window to your bathroom during the redo, which is a nice addition.

3 – Low Lighting


If the lighting in your bathroom is not bright it’s time for a redo. You want to redo your bathroom to accommodate adequate lighting. You spend every day in your bathroom getting ready, so lighting is important. There are many new fun fixtures out there that will add personality to your bathroom!

4 – Storage Issues


Storage issues are a huge complaint for many homeowners. Many old homes do not accommodate places for storage. New vanities and shelves in your bathroom can help solve that problem.

5 – You Hate the Layout


Back in the 1920’s thru the 1940’s it was common to see bathtubs and toilets right next to each other. This is because plumbing was so new. Now, you can change all that! Move the toilet, move the sink, and rearrange your bathroom. Make the layout more convenient and appealing.

However, if remodeling a bathroom is not on your list of things you “want to do” call us! Let’s sell your bathroom, and get you the perfect home with a dream bathroom!


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