Top 5 Strangest Olympic Sports of All Time!
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Top 5 Strangest Olympic Sports of All Time!

200m Obstacle Race – Swimming

This complex yet compelling event was only ever held in 1900. This unusual combination of a swimming event and an obstacle race, seems challenging enough  when done in the River Seine. While the competitors had to contend with the current they also had to climb over a pole,
then scramble over a row of boats, and then swim under another row of boats.

Tug-of-War at the Olympics

This may seem like an unusual Olympic sport, but in fact it was part of the Ancient Olympics, first being held in in 500BC. Held more modernly from 1900 to 1920, Tug-of-war was always contested as a part of the track & field athletics program, was between two teams of eight. One team had to pull the other six feet along in order to win however, if after 5 minutes no team had done this, the team which had
pulled the most was declared the winner.

Rope Climb

Rope Climbing was held as part of the gymnastics program in 1896, 1904, 1906, 1924 and 1932. In this event the competitors climbed a suspended vertical rope, using only their hands. How quick you can climb a rope sounds like a great test of upper body strength, and it has been part of the Olympic gymnastics program on several occasions.

Competitors raced to the top of the rope in the shortest time possible. They started in a seated position on the floor, and used only the hands and arms. In 1896 the rope was 14 or 15 meters long, and style was also incorporated in the scoring. At all other Olympics, the rope was only 25 ft (7.62m) or 8m (26.3 ft).

Men’s Sailors 100 meter Freestyle

The 100 meter freestyle event for sailors, was only open to sailors of the Greek Royal Navy. Only three competitors took place in the event. The winner was from Greece (of course!) and the winning time was nearly a minute slower than the winner of the open 100 meter freestyle. It is an interesting concept for the host team to include this event so as to increase their medal count.

Weightlifting One Hand Lift

The weightlifting one-hand lift was on the Olympic Program in the years 1896, 1904 and 1906. This event, for men only, was similar to the modern snatch event. Only one hand was allowed in lifting the weights. They had to perform lifts with each hand, with the winner determined from the combined score of both hands. The lifters were allowed three attempts. After each had lifted three
times, the top three received three more attempts.

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