Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction
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Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction

Buying a brand new home is a dream come true to many people. Imagine living in a home that has no blemishes and all the finishes are exactly what you wanted. One thing that is important to know, you can hire a real estate agent to represent you during a new home transaction. We actually recommend it for many reasons. Hiring a real estate agent will not cost you anything and in the long run can actually save you money by helping guide you through tough decisions. Remember, you only buy a house a few times in your life. Your realtor, helps people buy homes daily.

What are your plans for the community?

It’s important to ask the builder what the plans are for the future.  Ask them how many homes will be in the neighborhood or if there will be multiple subdivisions. Ask about community parks, pools, clubhouses, and other amenities that would be included. There are some areas that will include shops and businesses while others are strictly residential homes.

What are the HOA rules and regulations?

One thing that people forget to focus on is the HOA. When buying into a new neighborhood, it’s very important to know who will be managing the HOA and what the rules will be. Some HOA’s are less strict than others, however many don’t allow things like sheds, solar panels, or even fencing. Either way, you want to make sure that your HOA will allow you to do things that you want/need to do.

Warranty Info

Make sure you understand what your warranties do and do not include. Many builders offer a 1 year workmanship warranty and up to 10 years structural warranty. Make sure you understand what those two mean and what is included. You also want to collect all the warranty information for all the appliances that are included in your home purchase. Your realtor can help you ask the correct questions and can help you understand your warranties.

Ask About Finishes

Keep in mind that in the mode homes, builders are putting their best foot forward and want to impress you with top of the line finishes. Many times, when you add these finishes to your home it becomes unaffordable. This is where it’s important to take pictures and lots of notes to make sure you fully understand the cost of the home.


While this list of Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction is a great place to star we still recommend hiring an agent to make sure all these things are being covered. The Strange Team’s buyers agents are experienced with helping buyers purchase new builds. We have relationships with builders and understand the home buying process. Don’t go new home shopping alone! Call us 720-295-4350


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