Reduce Your Kids Back-to-School Stress

Back-to-School stress gets to all of us.

Parents, teachers, and children can all find this time extremely stressful. We suggest these tips to help reduce back-to-school stress and help get the year off on the right foot! Many kids find that waking up earlier, gathering school supplies, and actually attending school can be a lot harder than they remember.  So besides the obvious, like eating a nutritious breakfast and going to bed early, here are they are:

Talk About It

Before school stress gets out of hand, have a talk. But instead of talking, listen. Many kids can be talked through the concerns they are having at school. Sometimes what seems like a small problem to us adults, is a huge problem to a child.

Know the Rules

Understand your school’s rules. Make sure your kid knows about the rules on electronics, dress code, etc. Schools vary so it’s important that you stay in the know. Showing up to school and finding out you are accidentally breaking the rule can be stressful!

Establish a Routine

Get a routine in place for the kids. In the morning we recommend a breakfast routine that results in an easy transition out the door. After school, a homework routine is recommended. Last but not least, prep for the next day. If your kid has everything stacked and ready to go for the next morning, the stress isn’t there in the morning.

We hope these tips help you and your student get back-to-school without too much fuss! Double check your supply list and enjoy the year!

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