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The Strange Team is a highly ranked real estate team with Keller Williams Preferred Realty that works in the Denver Metro Area. What's Important To You is Important To Us.
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pet caricature


pet caricature
The Strange Team Pet Caricature event

The Strange Team wants to meet the furry friends of your life!

Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 10:30 AM we will be near the Dog Park at Big Dry Creek. We’ll be there waiting to meet your pets and they will also have a caricature of them done. All you have to do is show up!

We cannot wait to see you!

Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Big Dry Creek
1700 W 128th Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234 (we’ll be near the Dog Park)

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Denver Rents are Unaffordable

Denver Rents are Unaffordable!

We hear it constantly, rental costs are going up! In the Denver Metro market, most people are spending over 30% of their income on rent. The worst part? That money is not building the renter equity.  That money is making the landlord richer. Make the smarter move and buy your own place. There are lots of townhouses, condos and detached homes available in the Denver area looking for new owners.

A recent report released by Zillow shows that buying is a better deal because the median home price will cost less than 20% of the average person’s income. That’s a lot of money saved per month. You can also deduct the interest paid on your mortgage – something you cannot do with your rent.

Many renters have roommates to afford the rent. Imagine buying a home and having a roommate pay half your mortgage. Win win! This is a great way to gain equity using other people’s money. So find an interested party that wants to live with you and start the home buying process.

With rents being higher than mortgages, now is the time to buy. As far as the down payment goes, you just need to buckle down and save. Many people also qualify for down-payment assistance. Call us and we can discuss great lenders with you to get your pre-qualified.  Having a great lender in the competitive market is very important.

Call us!

Denver Rents are unaffordable and The Strange Team would love to help you! Our aggressive buyer’s agents are getting buyers under contract UNDER asking price resulting in saving the average buyer over $8,000. Call us today!

Stop paying into someone else’s equity, become a proud homeowner and keep all that equity for yourself. Homeownership is a great investment and worth the efforts it takes.

Homes for Sale under $300,000
Between $300,000 – $500,000
Over $500,000



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Safety Tips for your Home – Inside and Out

Life extends beyond the walls of your home. That’s why The Strange Team provides safety tips to help keep your family safe both inside and outside the home.

In the kitchen,

  • Keep a distance between flammable objects (papers, curtains, plastics, etc.) and fire sources (oven, stove top, portable heater, etc.)
  • Use harmful products (cleaning solutions, lighters) with caution (follow instructions!) and keep them out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave sharp objects (knives) or other such tools and utensils misplaced or unattended.
  • Ensure electrical cords aren’t draped across other appliances or the counter or stove top.
  • Leave space around appliances for proper ventilation.

In the bathroom,

  • Keep electrical appliances wrapped and away from water.
  • Use non-slip strips or floor mats
  • Always keep the room clean and as dry as possible.

In the bedroom,

  • Never smoke.
  • As always, ensure that everything else is a safe distance away from a source of fire or heat.
  • Opt for mattresses with open flame-resistant protection.
  • You’re most vulnerable when you sleep. Even in bed, keep a phone, light, (and, if necessary, a weapon) within reach.

In the garage,

  • This is probably where you store most of your tools and equipment. Take precautions with flammable liquids, chemicals, and anything producing fumes.
  • Keep poisonous substances (paint thinner, antifreeze, rat poison, etc.) locked up and out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep your space clean and organized, especially as many of your tools are sharp, heavy, or otherwise dangerous.

In the yard,

  • Surround your property with a sturdy fence (this is more for keeping in children and pets, but can also serve to remind strangers to keep out).
  • If you’ve got a pool, keep it locked down or fenced in when not in use.
  • Be careful when working in bad weather. Use sand, salt, and good-traction foot ware on ice and snow.

On the stairs,

  • Keep steps clean and dry.
  • Always install stable and sturdy railing on both sides of the stairs.
  • Ensure that the distance between the rails is narrow enough to prevent a child or infant from falling through.
  • Good rule of thumb: less than four inches!
  • Keep stairs well lit.

Home Fire Safety

Guard against fire with these home safety tips:

  • Install smoke detectors, check them regularly, and replace the batteries at least once a year.
  • Avoid overloading outlets and extension cords.
  • Keep fire extinguishers handy and know how to use them.
  • Establish a safety exit, ensure all family members know and understand it, practice with drills, and ensure it’s never blocked.
  • Never block or pile things on heaters or near heat-exuding appliances; give these a wide berth, plenty of breathing room, and make sure they don’t get overheated.
  • Ensure that all materials are fire-resistant if you’re renovating or just fixing up something around the house.
  • Never leave any type of fire or hot appliance unattended.
  • Remove dry vegetation around your home, especially during the dry seasons.
  • Cover the fireplace with a stable and large metal fire frame.
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FB Event PaintandSip

Paint and Sip with Comedian Geoff Tice


February 23rd, Thursday Night 5pm to 7pm

@Keller Williams Preferred Realty 11859 Pecos St. Ste. 200 in Westminster

Sip your favorite beverage* and enjoy step-by-step instruction with our experienced and enthusiastic local artists. You’ll leave with a one-of-a-kind creation and a new found talent you’ll want to explore.

Who is Geoff Tice? Geoff’s Facebook

Geoff Tice - Comedian

Geoff Tice – Comedian

Geoff Tice is a stand-up comedian from Boulder, Colorado who has performed in festivals, clubs, bars, and basements all across America. In 2016, he performed at the CROM Comedy Festival, was selected as a “Fresh Mug” for SF Sketchfest, and a “Denver Up-and-Comer” for TruTV’s High Plains Comedy Festival.





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Nick's Award 2016

The Strange Team’s Nick Folkedahl is a Rising Star!

Big and exciting year in 2016 for The Strange Team. The entire team had a great and successful year of selling, buying and helping many clients throughout the Denver Metro area. The Strange Team is a team of successful agents working with you to make your selling or buying a positive experience.

The Strange Team is happy to announce one of its newest team members has received the award of the “Rising Star” from the KW office located in Thornton, CO. Nick Folkedahl (our rising star) has had an incredible 2016 year in sales, new contacts and understanding the Denver Metro real estate market. Nick’s successes are tribute to his hard work, bubbly personally, and his persistence. Nick is born and raised in Colorado and is a natural at understanding what clients need in Colorado home. Nick loves meeting and relating to people and being a part of their home buying experience.

Please help us congratulate Nick Fokedahl as our “Rising Star.”

The Strange Team – Keller Williams Preferred Realty: Whether you are buying or selling The Strange Team has the right fit for you. We can help if you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned seller, an investor or if you have Luxury property. The Strange Team is located at 11859 Pecos St. in Thornton, CO.

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tiny house

Tiny House Craze!

Downsizing? This is not just a baby boomer trend, because they are empty nesters or trying to get out of house and yard cleanup. No this is a most recent trend of the Millennials. Millennials are wanting to use the money for a home to travel and spend more time with friends and family instead of being strap down with a mortgage payment. So they are not buying over their budget with a starter home, they’re starting with a tiny house.

It’s tiny house Craze!

These perfectly planned mobile homes that take advantage of nearly every inch of space for functionality sake are the latest and greatest in real estate trends. This is a more simplified way of life in the downsized fashion.

The Tiny House Trend

Under 50,000 in cost

So who wants a tiny house? What is wrong with the normal American home? Most of the tiny home hunters are looking for these smaller living spaces because of one of two reasons: financial or environmental. The average American home is over 2,000 square feet and costs on an average of $200,000. Every homeowner will be paying off a mortgage payment for about 15-30 years. This is too long for the typical tiny house purchaser.

Most Americans will spend a good chunk of their lives working just so that they can pay off that massive mortgage, leaving them stuck in a vicious cycle of debt. The main idea behind the tiny house trend is that it allows your home buyers to build or buy, and design their home without entering into that cycle of debt for years.

An increasingly popular choice for tiny houses aren’t houses, but mobile homes, school buses, converted shipping containers, or small houses that can actually be towed behind a truck on a trailer. Perfect for millennials, known for job-hopping and their traveling tendencies who may find themselves in a place where buying the traditional home isn’t viable for their location or current economic state.

The idea behind the trend of tiny houses is that without getting stuck in the trap of debt, tiny house folks can live in a home they own outright and do more of what they love, and less of the working that they may not love as well.

The Tiny House In Colorado

In Colorado, the towns of Durango, Buena Vista, Telluride and Walsenburg have all changed or are working on rule changes to embrace possibilities for tiny houses in the community. Here are some other areas that are welcoming the tiny homes communities: Denver, Boulder, Woodland Park, La Junta and Colorado Springs.

Tiny Homes are not for everyone and this might just be a fade, but the idea of financial freedom and traveling might appeal to a lot people. A tiny house might have a place on your lawn. Would you consider a tiny home?

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