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Sell Your Home Year Round with The Strange Team!

Sell Your Home Year Round!

Fall in colorado


Many of our clients were lead to believe that the only time of year to sell a home is spring and we’re here to tell you that’s just not the case!   The fact that Colorado experiences all four seasons (some longer than others!) is one of the best parts of this state.  Adding little seasonal touches to your home for sale will help to keep yours in the minds of potential buyers.   Here’s a few of The Strange Team’s favorite tips for every time of year –

Summer –

  • Highlight your favorite outdoor features – patios, porches, decks, landscaping
  • Hanging baskets give a summery, vibrant feel to outdoor spaces
  • Add decorative touches in light colors
  • Keep your home cool, but not cold in the hot Colorado summer months

Fall –

  • Accent the season in your home with decorative gourds, fall corn and foliage in clear vases
  • Hints of cinnamon scents add warmth
  • Place pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns on your porch
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  • Add cozy rugs and throws to make homes feel warm and inviting
  • Highlight functional fireplaces in the chilly months
  • Around the holidays, add wreaths and other festive touches


  • Place seasonal flower arrangements throughout home
  • Do a little extra spring cleaning to make your home sparkle!
  • White candles give a classic touch
  • Add bright, clean colors to your linens and towels

Overall, you want to add light, seasonal touches to your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers in any season.  No season has to be the ‘off season’ in this market!

Interested in finding out what your home is worth in this busy, Colorado market?

For more information, contact The Strange Team and our lending partner, Dustin Hodges at Summit Funding, Inc. (NMLS ID# 3199)

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Dustin Hodges
Direct: (303) 668-7605
NMLS ID#: 269783
DORA ID#: LBM100030291

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Memorial Day Means BBQ

Happy Memorial Day! It’s BBQ Season and here are some of my Favorite Grilling Tips… Have a great and safe Holiday

  • Learn the difference between direct and indirect heat and how to use them. Direct for food that cooks through in twenty minutes or less, indirect for food that needs more than twenty.
  • Treat your grill like your cast-iron skillet, i.e. season and don’t scrub clean. Season by slooooowly grilling a bunch of sausages, rendering the fat and letting it coat the grill. Cook until deep golden brown.
  • Oil the food, not the grate. Oil on a grate burns quickly, gets tacky and glues food to the grate. Oiling food prevents juices from evaporating, stops sticking and promotes caramelization.
  • Use the Grilling Trilogy: coat food with olive oil, black pepper, adding salt just before grilling, so meat doesn’t dry out.
  • Baste with barbecue sauce only in the last five minutes prevents the sauce’s sugar from burning.
  • Do a dry rub for eighteen- to-twenty-four hours before cooking
  • Get cuts consistent in size and weight so meat cooks at the same rate,
  • Is it Done? Twist the bone. It’s done if the meat falls off.

My Favorite Recipe! Grilled Bananas Foster

  • Cut unpeeled bananas crosswise and lengthwise, dip cut-side in honey, then cinnamon-and-sugar and grill for Banana Split Sundaes or great by themselves!


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CNE, ILHMS – RealEstate Advisor/Broker

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