The Strange Bug

Join this Bug on its adventures!

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The Strange Team’s Bug is a 1972 VW Beetle that had a flat-bed added to it. ¬†Over the years, the Bug has also gotten a bigger engine and a sweet paint job!
A red 1972 VW beetle with a flag bed

The bug joins the team in many outdoor festivals, parades, charity events, and parties. If you see the bug around town, snap a pic and post on our Facebook!


The bug was caught at Chili’s grabbing some food! What will be Bug be up to next?!?!?!

The Bug Joined the Red Day Celebration in 2017!
A red 1972 VW Bettle with a flag bed driving on a sidewalk

Someone saw the Bug sneaking out for a drive around town!Someone from inside the vehicle taking a picture of a red VW beetle approaching a stoplight

Before the Bug joined The Strange Team

a 1972 VW Beetle with a flat bed. The top of the car is white and the bottom is red.