Thanksgiving Day 2012
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Thanksgiving Day 2012

Thanksgiving is about expressing our gratitude for our blessing, families, food and football here are some interesting football trivia you’ll be grateful knowing even if your team is losing.

• Football on Thanksgiving is a tradition over 100 years old, the football tradition dates back to Yale and Princeton matched as early as 1876

• The Lions have played 67 home games on Thanksgivings and are 33-32-2. (With the clock ticking on loss 33 as the Titans go to Detroit tomorrow.) The only years off were six years during World War Two.

Image:Wilsonnflfootball.jpg, modified to have ...

• The Dallas cowboys then Followed suit 30 years later in 1966

• The First NFL game, Lions Vs. Green Bay Packers was televised in 1956 a mere 8 years after the Macy’s DayParade in 1948



[box type=”shadow”]Thanksgiving superstition (source unknown)

~Before putting the turkey in the oven, knock 3 times on a wooden board and the meat will taste succulent.[/box]


5 other weirdly interesting Thanksgiving facts

1. If you want to know if a cranberry is ripe then all you need to do it throw it at the ground and measure how high it bounces. As long as it bounces higher than four inches it is ready to be picked. Who knew that is what it takes to make the perfect cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving. The cranberry is actually one of only three fruits that are native to North America and it is served at 94% of Thanksgiving dinners.

Thanksgiving at the Trolls

2.Part of the reason that Swanson started creating T.V. Dinners in 1953 was because they needed to find something to do with 260 tons of frozen turkeys that were left over from Thanksgiving. Talk about a lot of Turkey dinners.

3. The present Plymouth Rock is only the size of a car engine and has cracked 3 times since the Pilgrims first landed.

4. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade used to use live animals instead of floats. Macy’s started their parade in 1924… with live animals. They borrowed a bunch from the Central Park Zoo and paraded them around New York. That went on for three years.

Finally, in 1927, Goodyear stepped up and made Macy’s a balloonshaped like Felix the Cat.

5. The word turkey can be sourced to the word Hebrew word “Tukki”, which means “big bird or pheasant type bird”.


[box type=”shadow”]5 Thanksgiving day food games

1. See who can build the best tee-pee out of turkey bones

2. Ever herd of sand castles? Use mashed potatoes instead!

3. Use the vegetable tray to make your own potato men and women

4. Discover new and interesting flavor matches by throwing random side dishes in a blender

5. To cut calories substitute alternatives in the ever popular gravy chugging contest with cranberry sauce, the stuffing from deviled eggs, straight turkey drippings, and the puree from above



5 Thanksgiving day Jokes

1. Which side of the turkey has the most feathers? ~The outside

2. What sound does a space turkey make? ~Hubble, hubble, hubble.

3. What happened when the turkey got into a fight? ~He got the stuffing knocked out of him

4. Why did they let the turkey join the band? ~Because he had the drumsticks

5. What kind of music did the Pilgrims like? ~Plymouth Rock







Weird Thanksgiving Day Facts – Weird Worm

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